For some time, the TREZOR was the main hardware wallet available. Presently, KeepKey and the Ledger Nano S have been discharged and have made incredible competition in the hardware wallet market. Has the opposition brought down costs, as well as it makes picking the correct hardware wallet an intense choice.

This comparison will demonstrate you which wallet is better in various categories for TREZOR vs. KeepKey vs. Ledger Nano-S.


For some time, the TREZOR was the main hardware wallet with a screen. Since a screen is such an important security include for a hardware wallet obviously more would be made.


Each of the three wallets is fundamentally the same as in the way that they handle security.

The primary contrast is that the Ledger Nano S utilizes two secure components/chips, while the TREZOR and KeepKey are basically little computers.

Each of the three gadgets has screens which mean they can be safely set up and utilized even on computers tainted with malware.




Each of the three wallets is anything but difficult to setup and require a Micro USB cable to utilize.

I have possessed the capacity to set up every one of the three in only two or three minutes. Every one of the three wallets requires fundamentally the same as steps to setup, such as writing down a backup of your recuperation speed and setting a PIN code.

Size & Design


As found in the picture over, the TREZOR is by a wide margin the littlest of the three gadgets. Every wallet has some exceptional contrasts that are difficult to find in the photo. Additionally, take note of that the Nano S can be collapsed into about the same size from the TREZOR, yet to utilize it you should unfold it.

The TREZOR and Ledger Nano S both have 2 physical buttons, while the KeepKey has one.

The KeepKey’s screen is substantially greater than the other two wallets. As specified before, the KeepKey’s bigger screen implies it can be safely recovered utilizing a figure which releases less information.

The TREZOR is made out of plastic, while the Ledger Nano S and KeepKey are made out of aluminum. In spite of the fact that aluminum sounds like it’s more pleasant, the TREZOR’s plastic can really turn out to be more drop safe.

Software Compatibility

To utilize any hardware wallet, you require programming that helps you to command and interface with the wallet. The table below demonstrates the similarity of Bitcoin wallet programming with every hardware wallet.

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